Author: Aastha Mahida

Exercise and its Benefits:

It has always been known that to attain a healthy body you need to combine good nutrition along with daily exercise and other hygienic practices. Exercise has been one of the most effective ways to keep our bodies in good physique and to feel energized throughout the day. So, what really is exercise? Exercise is […]

Nutrition bowls

smoothies There are many different recipes to make your meal healthy and easy to prepare and nutrition bowls are on top of all. Salad bowls, buddha bowls, smoothie bowls, and fruit bowls are the trending meal options that most health and fitness enthusiasts prepare and consume. These nutrition bowls are packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, […]

The PCOD life

The PCOD life The PCOD life The social lifestyle of females has improved in these past years but the physical lifestyle has deteriorated to an extent that most of the females are facing reproductive disorders and menstrual irregularities. PCOD is one such menstrual-related disease that is observed among most teenage girls. PCOD stands for a […]

Food alternatives that can change your life

MAKE YOUR CHOICE Food has a lot of variety in itself. Every culture, every region and every individual has a choice to choose the kind of food they want to consume. We have diverse varieties of crops, fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, millets and lot more. We also produce other vegetarian, non-vegetarian and dairy products for […]


For many years now our ancestors have been doing farming and we have accepted agriculture as a very important part of our economy. In the early years when human species were evolving, we humans only knew that hunting is the primary action to get food but as we evolved our ancestors discovered and accepted the […]

Why is fat necessary for our body?

Why is fat necessary for our body? Since modern times we humans have acquired a fear for fats. We have been repeatedly told that excess fat can cause plaque formation resulting in attacks and strokes. Excess of fat also shows an increase in blood cholesterol levels. Many other diseases are also related to the high […]

Weight management and calorie intake

Weight management and calorie intake The most important factor when we talk about weight management, weight loss, or fat loss is the diet consumed by a person who is planning for the transformation. The diet includes the food that the person consumes throughout the day. Diet is not necessarily salads and boiled vegetables it is […]

Energy Bar Recipe or Protein Bar Recipe

Protein is a very important nutrient of our food. Its function is to build the muscles, repair wore out cells, and help in the complete growth of our body. The recommended amount of protein per day for an ideal human is 1 gram protein per kilogram of weight.  Indian diet mostly comprises of a high […]