Energy Bar Recipe or Protein Bar Recipe

Protein is a very important nutrient of our food. Its function is to build the muscles, repair wore out cells, and help in the complete growth of our body. The recommended amount of protein per day for an ideal human is 1 gram protein per kilogram of weight.

 Indian diet mostly comprises of a high carbohydrate diet and so we do not even fulfill half of the recommendation of protein. This is the reason why commercial brands and food industries are focusing on preparing easy-to-eat protein foods. Protein powders and protein bars have taken over the food industry because people want quick results in their journey of transformation. Mass gainers and muscle gaining powders are prepared using whey concentrate and isolates. Easily absorbable amino acids are the main contents of these protein powders.

To stay fit and healthy an individual need not spend so much on these powders instead they can simply include protein sources in their diet. For instance; sprouts, lentils, beans, nuts, milk, paneer, soya products and even some amount of meat and poultry. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can prepare their protein powder and protein bars at home. Including Sattu powder post-workout is a very simple way of adding protein in your diet. One such simple recipe is mentioned below.

Home-made protein bar:

best protein bar made at home by sastadiet team


  1. Oats
  2. Nuts
  3. Seeds
  4. Dates
  5. Jaggery
  6. Dark chocolate (optional)


  1. First roast the oats for about 5-10 minutes until they turn light brown.
  2. Than roast the nuts and seeds till they turn light reddish in color.
  3. Crush the dates to a fine paste.
  4. Mix all the roasted oats, seeds and nuts with the dates paste.
  5. Add in some jaggery to it.
  6. You can also add chopped or melted dark chocolate to your bar.
  7. After all ingredients bind well together place them onto a plate and set it in the refrigerator.
  8. Remove after 2-3 hours and cut them into equal pieces.

Your delicious protein bar is ready.  

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