For many years now our ancestors have been doing farming and we have accepted agriculture as a very important part of our economy. In the early years when human species were evolving, we humans only knew that hunting is the primary action to get food but as we evolved our ancestors discovered and accepted the fact that we can grow our own food using the mother earth; soil. Our ancestors have known and learned the art and process of farming and have been cultivating their own crops ever since.

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What changed in few years was the urbanization, the desire to try out different flavors and focus on treating our taste buds due to which the food industry started preparing and producing foods that are very tasty but do not have much of nutritional value. With the food industry what grew was the poultry and non-vegetarian market. Kings and emperors were very fond of hunting so the desire to eat fancy meats was increased and many people got attracted to eating such food. What we lost here was the importance of vegetables and fruits in our diet and there was a transition in the food industry.

Talking about vegetarianism, it is super easy to follow vegetarianism because vegetables and fruits can be very easily available in our markets and they can be grown at home, we all must have heard of home cultivation, terrace gardening, microgreen production, and much more. All these methods of home cultivation make us responsible and try to get the best of the plant that we have grown. So, planting vegetables at home is definitely therapeutic and work with responsibility. They need to be feed water at regular intervals, they need to be exposed to sunlight and the position of the plant should be favorable for its optimum growth. We should also make sure that we consume seasonal and local fruits and crops that can help us best build our health.

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Healthy living also means achieving the best of immunity that can fight against any disease that enters our body. So, vegetarian foods are a rich source of minerals and vitamins which help in purifying our blood, improving our fighting mechanism, and keeping our digestive system active. The fiber in vegetables helps in improving gut health and maintaining cholesterol levels. The vegetarian diet containing fiber gives us a feeling of satiety and avoids us to binge eat resulting in good bowel motions. The vitamins and antioxidants present in vegetarian foods reduce the oxidative stress in our body and maintains blood pressure in our system. Polyphenols and other plant enzymes help in the complete well-being of our body. The vegetarian food is low in calorie and so it is good for people who are targeting for weight loss as well as for diabetic patients. The main function of vegetarian foods is to work as complete food that provides good nutrition and even gets absorbed well into our bloodstream. So, learn to understand, introspect, analyze your life for better nutritional health status. After which you can easily turn towards vegetarianism.  

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